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The ways we worship

Worship is when we give due glory and reverence to God. It isn’t just singing in church on a Sunday. In fact, the bible tells us that worship is woven into almost everything that we do as believers. In this short series, we are going to look at the various ways we worship.

Worship in song

Music worship has been the most obvious and distinct way in which believers have worshipped for thousands of years. We draw inspiration from the Psalms and the person and character of God. We have worshipped through song in many ways throughout the ages, from the Hebraic poetry of the Old Testament, the high scholastic worship of the Middle Ages, and the theologically rich reformed hymns, to the more modern and contemporary forms.

Worship in deed

The bible speaks about acts of worship. Seeking righteousness, showing charity and goodwill to others, serving humbly. God is not indifferent to these deeds that come from our faith in Him, because to commit yourself to worshipful deeds we have to have a true and clear understanding of who God is.

Worship in sacrifice

Jesus tells a parable of a woman who is very poor and puts a relatively small amount of money in the temple offering. He says this is a great act of worship than someone who gives much more because for her this was indeed a sacrifice. We do not sacrifice animals on an altar anymore but several New Testament writers have compared the prescribed worship of altar sacrifice to the sacrifice of our time, energy, and financial resources to the glory of His name.

Where do you need to grow?

In the next months, we will look at each form of worship more in detail along with scripture and explore the areas where we can all grow in our worship.


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