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The road Faith Baptist Church has walked

A long-time missionary couple started Faith Baptist Church here in eMalahleni South Africa. They went door to door sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people. It grew into a small home church in their living room, and then to a small congregation that met at a Hall in Eden Park Retirement Village. 

Today we benefit from the work that was started over 25 years ago and with the Lord's grace, we continue to grow, serve, and worship together.

What to expect at fbc

During our service, there will be a “Children’s Worship” segment where the preacher takes several minutes to explain and apply that Sunday’s message to the children with an object lesson. We do not have a breakaway Sunday school class that runs during the service (children’s church). We do however have a fully equipped mothers’ room. Sunday school takes place during the 9 am teaching hour. 

We are an English church, though our congregation consists of English and Afrikaans speaking people, as well as many African cultures.

Our services seek to help individuals to worship God in spirit and in truth. You will find a clear, straightforward exposition of Scriptural truth with conservative music that seeks to glorify God. In Ephesians 4 we read that there are two requirements for musical worship done in the church. Firstly, everyone sings together, and secondly, that it is teaching us something about God. Our style of music is designed to encourage congregational singing and not done to “perform” a song for the audience. Our hymns are doctrinally rich and meant to inform our understanding of God as we sing praise to Him and not done to stimulate the audience purely on an emotional level.  


While most of our people dress in a smart-casual way, some only feel comfortable wearing their “Sunday Best”. Our desire is that people dress in a manner that is respectful of our God, and that they attend with the purpose of seeking to worship the Lord with us. 

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Church life

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