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Do you have ears?

Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. ~ Matthew 13:43

Imagine you are looking for the perfect spot to spend some time alone with the Lord. Imagine you are looking for this perfect spot - which, of course, includes a conveniently located bench - on the mountain you just hiked, or somewhere in the bushveld, or perhaps overlooking the ocean.

This is the ideal. But it's not daily life. Daily life is wondering when you will find time to take in that verse you've been meaning to read all morning.

I would like to raise some awareness of the audio Bible and other audio resources, such as podcasts, to aid you with Bible Study and personal spiritual growth during whatever season God has you in right now.

Audio Help Everywhere

There is a myriad of places to find the Bible read aloud to you. There is probably an option within the very Bible-reading app you currently using anyway. And even if there isn't it is as simple as typing it into your internet search bar.

Most music streaming services support podcasts, in addition to podcast-only platforms. You can get podcasts from all over the world on any topic, including any and all topics pertaining to the Christian walk. Anything from church life, Christian opinions on current issues, Godly parenting, healthy marriage building, etc. Literally anything. Many churches also record their Sunday services to publish as podcasts, so sermons are also available.

"HEAR" You go

Here are a few options that I have used in the past. It is in no way comprehensive, but it will get you started.

  • BibleGateway ( has the most audio Bible translations available online for your listening pleasure.

  • LibriVox ( is a volunteer-run audio library with a growing selection of public-domain books, including Bibles. It's hit and miss because it's volunteer-based, but there are so many options you are bound to get some voice you are comfortable with. It's available as an app and online.

  • Audible ( is Amazon’s audiobook service, available as an app or online. With the free trial, you get one book for free forever! I recommend picking the high-quality, yet absolutely free audio Bible in your preferred translation.

  • Redeeming time ( is built to help you read parts of the Bible for exactly as long as you have time for - to the minute! Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat because it's read, not listen, but you can just get the answer and hit the BibleGateway icon to start listening to the passage.

  • Sermon Audio ( has sermons about everything from all throughout history. You can search by speaker, topic, category, Bible, and date. You name it.

The final word

Consider investing in a good pair of headphones or earphones. Buy a Bluetooth speaker to make listening around the house easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, accessible to others who might be within earshot.

Plus, we all travel, whether to work or school daily, or on holiday...less frequently. At the very least you are at home sometimes. So, try and see where you can best use these precious resources available to you. And as you explore this new world of Christian aid, remember to thank God for the freedom you have to access and use it. Audio Bibles form a huge part of evangelism efforts in Christian-persecuted countries and here you have access to it in every form and flavour. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!


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