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Using a church website in the ministry

The internet has come a long way since the early days of the “World Wide Web” and dial-up internet. It is no longer something we connect to and disconnect from. It’s just there, always available. But can it be used for good? Can we do more with it than just a one-page website with service times on display?

Should a church be using technology to minister? 

The simple answer is yes. I believe that technology in various forms can be used in practical ways in a church. The early church also made use of technology. The Roman road network carried the Gospel to the ends of the known world. The Gutenberg bible was printed on the first printing press of its kind, specifically to make the Word of God more accessible. A church website can be used in amazing ways if you take the time to explore the potential. Let’s look at some ways a church website can be used:

Hosting sermons

There are many great websites that offer services and storage specifically for church sermon recording, for a monthly fee. If you are interested in going this route Buzzsprout or Speaker are two good examples.

The other option is to store your messages on your own website and display it for people to download. In WordPress ( a website builder) many themes and plugins are available to help you achieve this. The other half of this equation would be actually recording the messages. Sometimes it can be as simple as recording it from a smartphone (depending on the sound quality). Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

I have heard of amazing stories of radio ministries to North Korea and the Congo reach the lost in unbelievable ways. We have recordings of preachers like John Mcarthur from the 70s and even Charles Spurgeon. All because someone pressed a record button. 

Displaying church information

This is the most obvious purpose of a church website. Many people have found our church simply by doing a Google search. It would be a good idea to include an “about” page with some pictures of what your church is all about. A “contacts” page with an address, and someway for people to get in contact is also a good practice. Some plugins and widgets even include Google Maps directions which are always handy. 

An up to date events page

Finding more ways to communicate information to your congregation is always a challenge but with a church website this opens up many new possibilities. Having a webpage to display information about an upcoming ladies event or a Christmas carol service is a good alternative to a printed bulletin with limited space. 

This is just a shortlist of the benefits a church website can bring to your ministry. This is not a one size fits all scenario so find what works for you. Having said that any church no matter how small can maintain a website and use it as a tool in ministry. 

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