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Why do we have Christian fellowship?

When it comes to Christian fellowship how do we enjoy a social function or a camp together?

When it comes to Christian fellowship what exactly are, we did when we enjoy a social function or a camp together? Where in the bible did the apostles take the weekend off to go braai? Are we just finding excuses to kick back and relax or are we really performing biblical mandate?

If we have a right view of Christian fellowship, then yes, we most are doing something the Bible commands us to do. In fact, in 1 John the believers are told to guard this fellowship because when we fellowship with other believers that fellowship is with God (1 John 1:4-5). Here are a few ways we can see fellowship from a biblical perspective.

Show goodwill as a church to another church

In the book of Acts Paul organizes a large-scale donation project for the struggling church in Jerusalem. Several representatives from churches all over the roman empire accompany Paul to Jerusalem to deliver their gifts and love offerings. They stayed many days. The word fellowship is used many times in these chapters. We read in Hebrews 13:16 that it pleases our Lord when we do good to our fellow believers. This Christmas I want to encourage you to do the same and individually or as a church do something to support a Christian work or charity.

Fellowship for the sake of Christian unity

In Ephesians 4:1-6 we read the most direct and motivating call for Christian unity in the bible. We need to stick together. If the church is the body of Christ then indirectly every Christian has a responsibility to get to know the people that are in church with them. How can we be “tightly knitted together” if the people we attend church with are strangers to us. Christmas time is a great chance to reach out to people you don’t know very well. Make time to attend the many Christmas time events that are happening this December at your church and actively get to know people.

Do everything in love because God loved us first

At the core of this duty to fellowship is the command to love one another. When we understand God’s love for us and gift that is eternal life in Jesus Christ. In 1 John, he writes about the need to preserve Christian fellowship from false doctrine brought in by unbelievers into this circle of Christian fellowship. It is no coincidence that the word love appears over 40 times in this short book and the word fellowship appears right beside it about 20 times. We cannot grow meaningful Christian relationships without love being our primary motivation.

Enjoy the times of fellowship

Fellowship can be fun. Don’t be a closet stoic and think that because something is fun that it cannot be spiritual as well. In the early church, believers had fellowship over communal meals. We read in Jude these were called love feasts. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am a Baptist and I tremendously enjoy sharing a meal with fellow believers. Especially if there is a desert. If you are organizing anything at church this December don’t forget to make it fun. The food is fun for me but maybe your event involves sports or a competition like a board game.

I realized how great it is to have Jesus in common even if there is no other overlap, that is enough to bring people together. Our church hosted a mission’s team from The USA in August and in just two short weeks I was genuinely sad to see them leave. I came to love them. It is amazing how the Spirit enables such a change of heart in us.

With Christmas less than a month away, many people have made plans to be with family. Some are traveling halfway around the world to see family this December. It is important not to neglect our Christian brothers and sisters, our family in Christ.

If you would like to read know more about how to celebrate Christmas as a Christian in today’s consumer-driven culture read our other article on the subject or if you want to know about opportunities at Faith Baptist Church to fellowship then check out our events page.

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