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Messages and resources

We believe that the preaching and teaching within a church should be central to the believer and vital for spiritual growth.

You will find a selection of recent messages and teachings from FBC as well as monthly articles and downloadable resources.

What exactly does the faith 2 you badge represent?

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Going on the internet or even walking through a Christian bookstore even, it becomes difficult to discern good teaching from the flood of false teaching and misinformation. How do we know which authors to look out for and which to avoid? Where can we go to grow more without having to run every resource and every book past fellow believers for a consensus?

The term Faith 2 You began with a quarterly newsletter published by the pastor on the happenings within our church and goals we as a church wanted to achieve. Taking inspiration from that, we have started to place this seal on our printed resources and teaching materials as well as on recommendations for books, movies, and music. 

It represents material based on sound doctrine and Christ-centered content. 

Keep an eye on our articles and resources pages as well as our social media for Faith 2 You recommendations and materials.

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Recommended websites and links

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Got Questions

Attempts to answer any bible question a person might have. 

Voice of the Martyrs Ministries

A Christian ministry to serve the global persecuted church

Thabisa Baby House

Christian house of safety to support financially

Biblical Leadership Institute

South African based online theological education 

Bible hub online

A free online bible study website with great language tools

Capitol Hill Baptist Church

Many great downloadable resources and classes 

The Bible Project

Animated bible explainer videos on all kinds of subjects

Good Neighbours Bookstore

A reformed Christian academic bookstore 

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